The Lena Loren Bag

Sales Location: BOUTIQUE Yacht Club of Monaco
Address: Quai Louis II, Monaco 98000
email: [email protected]

Luxury Lena Loren Limited edition bag
color black without secure voyage technology
color red without secure voyage technology

The Lena Loren Bag

A Monaco inspired bag combining artistic couture designs with integrated technology and precious exotic American Alligator skins with an Italian handcrafted artisan quality.

Class. Elegance. Secure.

Lena Loren “Secure Voyage” brings unique technology to the exotic skin Lena Loren bags that differentiates us from everyone else and allows you to be different as well.

The Lena Loren Bag

We are a sustainable, environmentally friendly company, our luxurious exotic skin handbag and accessories collection use only farm raised American Alligator skins from the company owned by the Hermes brand.

Our Italian artisan exotic skin manufacturers use the best quality leather for the Lena Loren red color inside lining to create the (handcrafted exotic skin) Lena Loren bags.

We use the finest exotic skins in the world for our “Secure Voyage” Lena Loren collection in two classic colors (back and red) and every season we choose one special edition color for our clientele.

Lena Loren limited edition for Monaco Yacht Club

Monaco is the premier destination for the luxury consumer. We are creating a limited edition for the Monaco Yacht Club. The Yacht Club of Monaco is where the biggest yachts come and enjoy their life. Inspiring beauty, luxury and uniquely global image of success.

The Lena Loren inspiration comes from timeless, classic beauty and a new modern innovative technological lifestyle which, in combination with Lena Loren designs, celebrates creative spirit with secure innovative technology to create harmony in our time

Lena Loren and Secure VoyageTM Technology

Our creation is bringing safety and positivity into your everyday life. We offer to our distinguished clientele a new concept “Secure Voyage” from Lena Loren – it represents beauty and innovation.

A personal statement of couture quality with precious exotic skins combined with innovative state of the art of technological security. Our luxury “Secure Voyage” Lena Loren American Alligator bags come with a non-contact, convenient a secure tag. We use an anti-counterfeiting and sales monitoring system that provides 100% authentication.

Artfully combing craftsmanship and technology to deliver a valuable and unique benefit to our clients. The bag is the companion to the voyage of life. Creating a secure world, helping the customer feel secure through the accessories.